Applied Metallurgy



Prof. Francesco Iacoviello

Prof. Vittorio Di Cocco

Teachers receive on:

Wednesday 9.00 - 11.00. (Room 25, main building, ground floor).

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The goal of the course of Applied Metallurgy is to offer an overview if the main damaging micromechanisms in ferrous alloys and to offer the theoretical and applicative basics for the design and the optimization of the heat treatments on steel artifact by means of numerical simulation.


Ferrous alloys mechanical behaviour; Structural metallurgy (dislocations and defects); Tensile test procedures and identification of damaging mechanisms; Hardness tests procedures; Charpy test procedures; Toughness KIC test procedures; Fatigue resistance (Wohler); Fatigue crack propagation; TTT and CCT diagrams; Pearlitic, Bainitic and martensitic transformations; Austenititization; Heat treatments (quenching, normalization and annealing); Jominy test procedures; Tempering. Design and simulation of heat treatments on industrial artifacts.

Final exam procedure

During the course, students will be organized in groups. On the basis of the exercises developed during the course, these groups will prepare a simulation of an heat treatment on an industrial artifact. The result of this simulation will contribute to the final evaluation (50%).

The written test allows highlighting the level of knowledge and awareness gained in the study of subjects. The written test, with a duration of 60 minutes, is based on 30 questions. Oral tests are scheduled according to the order of reservation.