Costanzo Bellini

Costanzo Bellini graduated “cum laude” in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cassino in November 2008. His graduation thesis, on themes concerning aeronautical components in composite materials, was developed in collaboration with AgustaWestland. From January 2011 to December 2013 he worked in the Manufacturing Systems and Processes Laboratory (LaTeSLa) at the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (DiCeM) of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio for his Ph.D. activities. His research dealt with composite materials; in particular, he focused on the manufacturing and structural testing of laminates, carrying out both numerical simulation and experimental tests on complex shape and high thickness components. Today, his work is focused on the analysis of the structural behaviour of FML, a hybrid material made of composite laminates and metal sheets, and on the study of additive manufacturing processes for metal parts. As concerns the latter activity, his efforts are directed towards the process influence on the metal microstructure and the damage resistance of lattice structure produced by 3D printing. The analysis of the damage due to both static and fatigue loads in ductile cast irons and copper alloys and the study of the hot-dip galvanization are two other topics of his interest.